Our vision


Our story

Hotel culture, real estate expertise

Designing value-added experiences

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The project originated with a meeting in 2020 between Céline and Sébastien Meslin, founders of the Vicartem group, and Romain Gowhari, a recognised specialist in hotel investment.

Together, they decided to take advantage of Vicartem's hotel management expertise by creating Younight Hospitality.

Thanks to this concentration of hotel know-how and real estate investment expertise, we will enable you to get the most out of your hotel and para-hotel assets

What am I passionate about? Identifying and implementing hotel value streams, while ensuring the well-being of our employees in the hotels and aiming to optimise the carbon footprint of the operation."

Managing Director

Our values

The warmth of the hotel industry,
the rigour of property investment

Inch-perfect down to the smallest detail



We’re breaking new ground at Younight Hospitality, breathing fresh life into traditional hospitality standards. A unique identity, an out-of-the-ordinary experience, distinctive details: we sculpt your tailor-made hotel project.


Revealing the heart and soul of your hotel, taking care over the little touches – and looking after everyone.

We rekindle the art of welcoming guests. We energise your vision of hospitality. And this is what your clients will say about your hotel: “I have a unique time there, an unforgettable experience”.


Precision, rigour, commitment.

We like details: not just when designing visionary projects but also when it comes to managing the day-to-day life of a hotel. This guarantees you a perfectly-packaged project, an investment with high added value and an optimised hotel portfolio.

Our mission

To make hotel management easier for you.
Enhance your hotel, increase the value of your real estate assets, manage your teams. We build the complete support that brings your project to life, from acquisition to sale and down to the smallest details
of its operational management.

Building and promoting your hotel portfolio

Investing in exceptional experiences

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Do you need a tuned-in partner who will handle your hotel from A to Z?

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facade hotel maison du monde younight hospitality
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Do you need a tuned-in partner who will handle your hotel from A to Z?


Does your venue have a unique history that you would like to spotlight?


Are you looking for an innovative concept to showcase the one-off character of the hotel experience you offer?


Do you want to open up the capital of your hotel portfolio without a worry?

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Construction, design, coordination, management

We’re at your side to build and promote your project. Our network of experts adapts to the specific requirements of every one of your ideas – from your brand identity to managing the construction work… even down to the administrative and financial management of your hotel.

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We renovate your hotel
or your hotel portfolio

conception, design, construction work

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We ensure that its management
is superlative in all respects

Administrative, commercial, marketing and human

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We boost financial performance

Equity investment and management

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